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About Us:

A. Name:
  to shore international commodity supply chain CIF Supply Chain(CSC)

B. Enterprises:
  Dragon Supply Chain (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.
  Dragon Supply Chain (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.

C. CSC Defined:
  Professional for many small and medium-sized to provide users with the "International Small Procurement integration" project of the international supply chain services. Through the effective combination of goods and services suppliers, and other international supply chain node enterprise network system platform and buyers to achieve effective information exchange and trading transactions, and entities operating through international commodity supply chain processes to fully meet the "convenience, reliability, low cost, high efficiency, "international Small procurement needs.

D. CSC Points:
  Online Shopping Mall trading + international supply chain entities operating
  1. Online Shopping Mall (cif cif 99.com) supply and demand trading transactions:
  (1). Issued “purchase, order, buy "goods of CIF International to shore quotes;
  (2). Node time notice of the purchase of goods supply chain processes and reporting;
  (3). Meet the design requirements of the buyers of the commodity search options and personalized wishes.
  2. "Offshore centers + to the shore center”: perform the sales contract
  (1). Supervising the supplier of goods on-time delivery and quality
  (2). Completion of the picking, port, customs clearance, packing delivery shipping, foreign exchange verification, the export tax rebate and other offshore transaction;
  (3). Completed to the port clearance, unpacking, sorting, and distribution to wait until the coast Affairs, ensure after - sales service.

E. CSC Goals:
  1. Leading a small international procurement markets:
  2. Achievements of the international supply chain famous: