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CIF99 Shopping Guide:

A: Goods provided by CIF99:
  1. Users can directly purchase standard commodities;
  2. Users can purchase commodities they need online;

B: Goods searching
  1. Users can use catalog nav-bar to search commodities they need;
  2. Users can use “key word search ” to find commodities they need;
  3. Users can input “shopping list”, while the site will provide the goods information through system or manually.

C: Goods purchasing
  1. Users click the “buy” button and the commodity will be added to user’s shopping cart;
  2. Users can purchase more goods they want and settle accounts;
  3. The system default order quantity of each commodity is a number of “minimum order” in shopping cart, which could be amended if necessary.

D: Registration & login:
  1. Registered users please click login and inputs ID and password to login.
  2. Unregistered users please follow the instructions on the register page to finish the registration.

E:Purchase contract confirmation:
  1. Users verify and amend the consignee name and contact information, detailed delivery address and postcode;
  2. Users choose the payment of this procurement, including bank cable transfer, L/C, online bank and agents collect, etc.

F: Contract generation & validation:
  1. After verified and amended the commodities, delivery, payment and other factors of this procurement, users click “confirm”. The system will generate the purchase contract.
  2. Users pay 30% of purchase amount according to the sales contract, the contract goes into effect.

G: Statement
  When purchasing any goods, please note that your shipping address must be consistent with the city you choose. Sorry for the inconvenience!