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CIF99 overseas cooperation:

  The goal of CIF99 is to establish global supply chain system for commodity purchasing, serving the course from “ordering” to “arrival”.

  To this end, CIF99 will establish overseas Destination Centre,
  whose main businesses are:
  1. Contacting transportation: Notifying buyers shipping status and arrival date based on the system order.
  2. Import affairs: Goods receiving, distribution, delivery and acceptance.
  3. Customs clearance and distribution: Arranging customs clearance, delivery and examining cargo based on user’s demands.
  4. After-sale service: Goods inspection, installation, repair, offering accessories, claims settlement, etc.

   The destination centre will be built and operated by authorized agencies in main port cities of CIF’s operation areas.

  We invite global service providers who are related to supply chain node for cooperation, serving for “convenient, reliable, low-cost and efficient” international supply chain system.

  We sincerely invite overseas companies for cooperation:
  Dragon Supply Chain (Shanghai)Co,Ltd
  Adress: Room B 19th Floor, Zhong Xi Building, NO.121 Jiang Su Road, Shanghai
  Tel: 02162288800,62591000,51080851x113    Fax: 021-62099906
  E-mail: Diana@cif99.com
  Chief representative: Diana Chen