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CIF99 After-sales service:

A: Return policy:
  CIF99 provides return service within 15days after goods receiving.
  1. CIF99 will return or compensate for the goods according to sales contract if due to quality problems.
  2. CIF99 provides return service only once according to user’s own requirement, please consider carefully before calling us.
  3. No returns are offered on damaged goods caused by personal reason.
  4. Pictures are for reference only, color difference between picture and actual goods may exist due to lighting and display. All subject to actual goods.
  5. The freight fee should be paid by users for goods return. your own.

B: Return process:
  Read return policy→Login CIF99 “my order” →submit application→goods return→quality inspection→handle

C: Warranty service:
  CIF99 implements national regulations of warranties for repair, return and compensation of faulty products.
  1. One year warranty
  2. Guarantee for replacement
  3. Guarantee for risk-free return

D: CIF99 after-sale service agency:
  Please refer to “choose city” page on CIF.com