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CIF99 Careers:

CIF warmly welcomed the hotshots Chester to join our team:
A. List of CIF position::

Number Post Place of work Number of recruits Basic requirements Monthly salary Recruitment time
1 Site Editor Shanghai 10 1、College education
2、Fluent in English
3、Relevant professional skilled
2 Supplier Management Shanghai 10 1、College education
2、Marketing Professional
3、Have some market experience
3 Trade Assistant Shanghai 10 1、College education, international trade professional
2、Good English written and oral proficiency, with independent send EMAIL simple business negotiations and communication skills
3、Attitude, a strong sense of responsibility
4 Sinotrans Assistant Shanghai 8 1、English reading, speaking, writing and speaking, cheerful, active and a high degree of enthusiasm, team spirit, under pressure
2、College education, international trade professional
3、Other work to complete the leadership layout
4、Customer resources priority
5 Representatives of International Business Shanghai 5 1、English; Fluent; overseas to study or work experience is preferred
2、Excellent image quality, vibrant, good health and long-term business trip; with athletic talent is preferred;
3、Strong communication skills and team spirit, good verbal communication skills;
4、Exhibitions, food imports, telemarketing and sales experience is preferred.
6 Chief Assistant Shanghai 5 1、College education, good image quality;
2、Administrative or sales of more than one year experience in office work
3、Good writing skills, understand the planning better;
4、Good organization and management, communication skills;
5、Fluent in English

B. CIF Human Resources:
  Adress: Room B 19th Floor, Zhong Xi Building, NO.121 Jiang Su Road, ShangHai
  Personnel Manager: Diana Chen