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Wooden Kitchen Cabinets(Florence Series)

CIF Los Angeles:5613.10 USD

Crystal Glass Mosaic (KB21)/Square Meter

CIF Los Angeles:64.29 USD
Brand:Heng Xing

Counter Brass Faucet A-F083

CIF Los Angeles:68.39 USD
Brand:Aqua Gallery Company
Function:Common Basin

Chrome Brass Basin Tap A-F056

CIF Los Angeles:75.15 USD
Brand:Aqua Gallery Company
Function:Common Basin

Single Handle Chrome Brass Basin Tap A-F057

CIF Los Angeles:74.15 USD
Brand:Aqua Gallery Company
Function:Common Basin

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Rattan chair
CIF Los Angeles Price125.97USD
Minimum: 3 piece Brand: Hunan
Cycle: 55 days Function: Handmade products
Volume: 1.32m3 Main Material: Imports of Indonesian rattan
Sample support: not provide   Main parts: no
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[ Characteristics ].

( 1 ) maybe you just hands when a bit rough and burr, that is because, all of our products are just sent you down packing production line. Because the vine to dried in preparation, some brittle. You get the baby with warm water after salt paint paint. Basic 5 days will be very bright and beautiful. Rattan toughness will be very good.. Because water rattan dried moisture, much place. Rattan to contact sentiment will be more beautiful. We may see rattan supermarket felt very beautiful, because of used equipment, one day so I felt very beautiful on.

( 2) Yinteng itself is a natural wild plants, rattan surface will always be a little spots and lines, factory has been done to wax, protective paint and other processes, is relatively clean, but may not like metal, chemical synthesis of plate type industrial machinery products as smooth, hope buyers want to be understanding. In fact many like rattan products friend is like the fresh natural and simple feeling!

( 3), a rattan chair armrest, backrest, ground, foot, are on both sides of the cane; support parts is the maximum stress, and the cane is a tropical rain forest plants, so software supporting parts used 4 antagonistic wood, such as, product more solid, more durable. We used the cane is a tropical rain forest natural growth of wild rattan