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Wooden Kitchen Cabinets(Florence Series)

CIF Los Angeles:5613.10 USD

Crystal Glass Mosaic (KB21)/Square Meter

CIF Los Angeles:64.29 USD
Brand:Heng Xing

Counter Brass Faucet A-F083

CIF Los Angeles:68.39 USD
Brand:Aqua Gallery Company
Function:Common Basin

Chrome Brass Basin Tap A-F056

CIF Los Angeles:75.15 USD
Brand:Aqua Gallery Company
Function:Common Basin

Single Handle Chrome Brass Basin Tap A-F057

CIF Los Angeles:74.15 USD
Brand:Aqua Gallery Company
Function:Common Basin

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Storage bin
CIF Los Angeles Price12.49USD
Minimum: 10 piece Brand: Monica rattan
Cycle: 50 days Function: Compact strong and lightweight tough natural materials
Volume: 0.043m3 Main Material: Rattan
Sample support: not provide   Main parts: no
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The common problems of Rattan

Rattan is a natural material, pure handmade, new make up products generally have the following situations:

1 in the presence of subtle smell of paint, is a normal phenomenon, generally after opening the package two or three weather taste will naturally disperse.

2 local hand feels a little smooth is a normal phenomenon, because the natural growth of material of sunlight irradiation time is different, so the growth speed difference, will appear the phenomenon of uneven surface, but in the use of the process will be more smooth. Product specifications and the original custom-made specifications to produce small differences, also belong to the normal error. General rattan products of normal range of error: 0.5-1CM.

3 the product local color difference phenomenon. Also belong to the normal range. Because of the natural vegetation growth environment and the different growth cycles, so some of the old vine point, some tender point, so the speed of absorption of different colors, there will be local color than the overall color slightly darker or lighter.

Transaction needs to know:

1 in order to safeguard the common interests of both sides, allow buyers to buy the rest assured, with the Shuxin, we recommend to use pay treasure.

2 the buyer to take in 24 hours after I will contact you to confirm, payment within 72 hours after delivery, shortage in special cases such as the owner will promptly notify the buyer.

3 in order to avoid transaction disputes, please the buyer received the goods must be face-to-face open-package inspection, found to have damage to make logistics or express company to sign to confirm, refused to sign, then the first time notify the owner, the owner will be timely replenishment. Otherwise the goods are damaged is not responsible for. You receive the goods. Please confirm receipt, to give real evaluation.