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Wooden Kitchen Cabinets(Florence Series)

CIF Los Angeles:5613.10 USD

Crystal Glass Mosaic (KB21)/Square Meter

CIF Los Angeles:64.29 USD
Brand:Heng Xing

Counter Brass Faucet A-F083

CIF Los Angeles:68.39 USD
Brand:Aqua Gallery Company
Function:Common Basin

Chrome Brass Basin Tap A-F056

CIF Los Angeles:75.15 USD
Brand:Aqua Gallery Company
Function:Common Basin

Single Handle Chrome Brass Basin Tap A-F057

CIF Los Angeles:74.15 USD
Brand:Aqua Gallery Company
Function:Common Basin

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Sun chairs
CIF Los Angeles Price112.39USD
Minimum: 3 piece Brand: Ivy Club
Cycle: 55 days Function: Style : American village
Volume: 0.96m3 Main Material: Rattan
Sample support: not provide   Main parts: no
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Maintenance of products:

1 rattan surface and gap of easy ash, soft brush or vacuum cleaner.

2 rattan surface is dirty, damp cloth dipped in salt water scrubbing available soft.

3 cane high temperature easy fade to yellow and deformation, don't let the rattan furniture direct exposure to the sun or a heater using.

4 cane began to loosen, can first Tojo, then the fixed pliers, coated with an adhesive.

5 rattan products should not be in the sun.

6 we also accept to map, sample Dingzao, carefully build your personality products.

7 if other on rattan products all aspects of a problem please contact the store, the store is with your exchange, cooperation.

8 does not have the quality question to ask to return money ( for example: not as good as I am, I do not like the color, much home is not put, is too small for the atmosphere... ) And so on and so on is not about quality problems to be deducted from the total price of goods by twenty per cent of service charges, freight themselves, parents please be careful oh!