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Wooden Kitchen Cabinets(Florence Series)

CIF Los Angeles:5613.10 USD

Crystal Glass Mosaic (KB21)/Square Meter

CIF Los Angeles:64.29 USD
Brand:Heng Xing

Counter Brass Faucet A-F083

CIF Los Angeles:68.39 USD
Brand:Aqua Gallery Company
Function:Common Basin

Chrome Brass Basin Tap A-F056

CIF Los Angeles:75.15 USD
Brand:Aqua Gallery Company
Function:Common Basin

Single Handle Chrome Brass Basin Tap A-F057

CIF Los Angeles:74.15 USD
Brand:Aqua Gallery Company
Function:Common Basin

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Jade glass sand
CIF Los Angeles Price15.68USD
Minimum: 10 piece Brand: Ding Feng
Cycle: 70 days Function: Beautiful decorative strong
Volume: 0.1m3 Main Material: Glass Frosting powder
Sample support: 100RMB   Main parts: Cream frosting
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Technical:Transmittance:88point: 1500heat resistance:1000
Pack:Wood packaging

    Jade glass sand also known as frosted glass, but generally frosted glass has no fingerprints, more bright. Through a special process of production, the surface of the glass protective film paste Frosting, after drawing machine input to design good design, the carving out of hand, removing excess part according to the positive and negative effect, frosting frosting site now, then by frosting fluid treatment finished, clean water after drying and then the proper polishing. Effect of a translucent decorative glass, its unique decorative hand through light, adequate lighting, on the other hand, can effectively restrict or prevent clear perspective, to play a good effect . Product features: hidden surface uniform and fine, smooth touch, beautiful appearance of the cover, transparent soft. Referred to as the white glass jade sand, four-dimensional space jade glass sand in the new style of color mirror jade sand art glass doors, color mirror art glass doors can be divided into: blue glass jade glass sand, powder glass jade glass sand, grey mirror jade glass sand, yellow coloured glass jade glass sand. Jade sand reinforced double process refers to the first jade sand art processing, combined with the strengthening process, forming a double glass.