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Wooden Kitchen Cabinets(Florence Series)

CIF Los Angeles:5613.10 USD

Crystal Glass Mosaic (KB21)/Square Meter

CIF Los Angeles:64.29 USD
Brand:Heng Xing

Counter Brass Faucet A-F083

CIF Los Angeles:68.39 USD
Brand:Aqua Gallery Company
Function:Common Basin

Chrome Brass Basin Tap A-F056

CIF Los Angeles:75.15 USD
Brand:Aqua Gallery Company
Function:Common Basin

Single Handle Chrome Brass Basin Tap A-F057

CIF Los Angeles:74.15 USD
Brand:Aqua Gallery Company
Function:Common Basin

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Blue moon Washing fluid
CIF Los Angeles Price34.40USD
Minimum: 20 piece Brand: Blue moon
Cycle: 55 days Function: Washing fluid
Volume: 0.01m3 Main Material: Blue moon
Sample support: not provide   Main parts: NO
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Product efficacy:


Deep clean: in-depth clothing fibers, removing the more stubborn stains (including machine oil, barbecue sauce, chili oil, fruit juice, cola, iodine stain etc.)

Pre cleaning treatment of heavy stains do: pre-wash treatment effect is better. Method : This product will be applied directly in the stains, rub gently by conventional washing.

More protection:

Color: protective clothing colors, so bright as the new clothes long.

For clothing: protective clothing fiber clothes more comfortable, soft and smooth.

Protective hand: neutral mild formula, hand wash or contact the skin is not hot.

Skin care: easy to rinse, no residue, avoid adverse skin reactions.

Environment protection: phosphorus, aluminum and other components, safety and environmental protection.

More relaxed:

Soluble, easy to rinse, time saving and labor saving, water saving and energy saving.