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The CIF99 Settled Process Guide::

Suppliers to understand the CIF settled standards to confirm compliance with requirements;

A. Apply settled:
    1. Submitted become the supplier of application: online fill out 《the CIF99 supplier application form》 and 《supplier qualification table》, and confirm to send
    2. CIF check the qualification information;
    3. communication between the two sides: the two sides contact the feasibility of communication in CIF。

B. Signing of the contract:
    1. Send CIF contract: Download 《the CIF99 product sales contracts》, fill out;
    2. A type 2 suppliers fill three contract text and qualification copies should be sent to the CIF:
    Room B 19th Floor, Zhong Xi Building, NO.121 Jiang Su Road, ShangHai
    3. The CIF audit contract with the qualification documents, and sign the contract。

C. On-line sales:
    1. A supplier to obtain in 'cif99.com' within the proprietary account number
    2. Prepare the data: in accordance with the requirements of 《the CIF distribution of the product information table》 in the exclusive account to upload informations;
    3. Pay related costs:

    Cif99 platform service fee of 20 USD/month | 250 USD/year throughout the year to pay

    Payment account: Bank: Bank of China, Shanghai Branch:
    Account number: 457259254736
    Account Name: Shanghai Baolong Supply Chain Co., Ltd
    4. Opening of the Internet Sales: production of a comprehensive website for data and system settings, Internet sales.。

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